Sinuta, SA

Sinuta is a Portuguese company with wide experience in national and international markets.

Founded in 1995, Sinuta has learned to appreciate and value its customers and co-workers as a big family guided with the same objective: do things right always with a spirit of sharing emotions, care and friendship.


We live at Sinuta a cosy environment in a highly competitive company with state-of-the-art technology, having efficiency as a goal. At Sinuta we do not only make things right but we are also proud of doing it.

We have customers all around the world, in a total of 44 countries, where we have not only clients but friends. With our presence in this market we have to be aware of the need for constant evolution and actualization of our products, in order to suit our customers’ needs through strong and motivated human resources and technological know-how.

We have proven to our clients the ability to adapt to new situations, always offering them the best solution. We produce all kind of offset dishes on light grey, silver grey, anthracite grey, cream and red brown, as well as brackets conceived for the antennas.

We also supply all kind of accessories offering the clients the comfort and safety of a product with certified quality and maximum security. A product with the excellence of an European market leader.