At a time when the energy crisis is already a current problem that brings together the concern of all of us, where people and companies are increasingly focused on the use of energies that allow independence of the fuel price increase and the clear adoption of a commitment to the planet, Sinuta4Sun appears.

Headquartered in Estarreja, sinuta4Sun is one of the Sinuta Group companies, a financially solid group that exports around 90% of its production.

The connection to the Sinuta group guarantees to Sinuta4Sun a strong support in the national and international distribution of its products, great industrial capacity and logistics, as well as management and financial support given by the same.

It is a company founded in 2009 that develops its activity in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The three main vectors of action are:

 - Photovoltaic solar energy

 - Thermal solar energy

 - LED Lighting

In each of these vectors, the mission of our company is to be technologically advanced while contributing to environmental sustainability. We aim to provide our customers with products with high added value and set standards in the market in terms of quality and price competitiveness.

In order to achieve its objectives, we have a young and dynamic team of employees, always committed to comply with the requirements of our clients and based on the values of motivation, availability and involvement that are in fact values that are inherent and inherited from the Sinuta group. Always allied with the technical knowledge acquired about its areas of action, our team constantly accompanies our customers by providing them with all the technical support they need before, during and after the sale.