Soares do Costa, SGPS, SA.

With 92 years of history, Soares da Costa Group is now one of the largest construction, engineering and public works company in Portugal.

With strong technical capability and specialized human resources stands on the national market and also across borders, where is already recognized as a successful operator.

The international market currently represents 57% of its turnover, which in 2010 reached 894 million euros. Angola, Mozambique and the United States are the main foreign markets where Soares da Costa Group operates on a regular basis, exporting to these markets knowledge and years of experience.

The company operates in four major business areas: Construction, Concessions, Industry and Real Estate. Grupo Soares da Costa SGPS, S.A. Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto). Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto) Metro do Porto (Linha de Gondomar). Porto Metropolitan Railway (Gondomar Line)

Aware of the impacts arising from your industry, Soares da Costa Group began to develop, in 2008, the Sustainability Construction Management Index (IGSO, from Portuguese), a tool that enhances the sustainable management of our activities and is currently being implemented in all work sites at national level.

The integrated monitoring of economic, social and environmental issues arising from the activity itself, allows the minimization of negative impacts of these activities (resource consumption, waste production, reduction of accident rates, etc.) and maximizing positive impacts (such as the social and economic development of surrounding communities, recycling/reuse of resources or involvement with the communities throughout donations/offsets).