Socimorcasal, SA

SOCIMORCASAL Sociedade Imobiliária de Construção Civil e Representações Irmãos Casais, SA – the specialized company of the CASAIS Group designed to the supply of products for construction and public works Building the future with art and craft The Socimorcasal develops its activity since 1981, initially in the marketing of some building materials.

The company’s growth over the past 30 years has made it one of the largest in area of the coating inside, this is evidenced by the presence in several landmark events for Portugal, such as the Expo 98, Euro 2004, in the construction of a large proportion of hospitals, schools, universities, in large and small living quarters and other equipment.

The Socimorcasal during its lifetime saw change the paradigm of materials used in construction, being that there are 30 years demanded that a material is durable, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, nowadays these characteristics have to sum the sustainability of these same materials, on grounds of environmental values.

This concern is present in our works being one example the Iberian Nanotechnology Institute where the Socimorcasal carried out the interior finishes, such as suspended ceilings and Partitions with thermal and acoustic isolation. We work in the marketing and placing of decks used were of various types such as vinilicos, and technical floors, wood which we highlighted the massive wood from forests managed in accordance with the principles and criteria of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

These ecologically sustainable materials are also available for the private consumer, in building or remodeling your home, and the Socimorcasal, the role of informing the benefits and values present in these products.

Casais corporate engineering The Casais Corporate Engineering (CEE), an ethical and cultural reference, serves as a guide for the actions of all members of the Casais Group.

Founded on the Casais outlined Vision and Mission, it constitutes the corporate knowledge – made up of Values, Attitudes and Behaviours; Standards for Excellence – born from the Heritage and Traditions of the teachings of the past and enhanced by the daily practice of serving the Clients and producing economic and social wealth.

Being the differential that characterizes the work of the company Casais, the CEE is our main intangible asset shared by all companies and employees of the Casais Group.