Sopsec, SA

The company was founded on the 25th March 1988 by José Amorim Faria, Hipólito de Sousa and Rui Calejo, which constitute now the Board of Directors.

The company’s aim is to provide services in the area of engineering consultancy, mainly preparing design projects and managing investment projects in an exclusive and independent manner.



SOPSEC develops activity in the following main areas:

 - Housing and Office Buildings;

 - Commercial Buildings;

 - Special Buildings (Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, etc);

 - Civil Engineering Works;

 - Industry and Fuel;

 - Environment and Energy;

 - Rehabilitation and Refurbishment.

Beyond the national market, SOPSEC has developed work in an international context, particularly in Angola, Spain, Ireland, Mozambique and Romania, currently undertaking actions to address other markets.