Termolan, SA

Termolan manufactures rock wool for thermal and acoustic insulation and for fire protection. The knowledge of entire process that takes place since the transformation of the basalt and limestone in mineral wool, associated to the use of updated technological means, allows Termolan to manufacture a product that answer to the client's needs.

Termolan has been consolidating her position in the market thanks to the high quality levels and competitiveness of the products reached with appropriated administration politics.

The success of the projects that Termolan develops is founded in a strong and expert leadership, in the high technological level of the production units and in a board with the appropriate competences that allow qualifying the company for the new emerging challenges:

 - Introduction of new technologies, incorporated in the product, in the process of manufacture or in any functional area of the company;

 - Growth toward new markets.

At the moment, the company guides their efforts in the permanent improvement of their customer’s satisfaction and in the improvement of the efficiency of the Organization, through the implementation of an appropriate Quality Management System.

Social Responsibility

Actual problematic such as the environment and the enrichments of the society that encircles it are concrete realities for Termolan, that expressed the concern in manufacturing according with applicable regulations and diminishing as possible the environmental impact of its manufacturing units where are located.