TMAD, Lda.

TMAD is a company, based in Portugal, where the entire process of transformation, product creation and technical development is Portuguese.

TMAD offers a wide range of products in Portugal and across borders, in sectors as diverse as agriculture, equestrianism, construction, tourism, leisure, security and telecommunications.

TMAD started its activity in 2018, however the connection to the wood sector dates back to 2000, exercising its activity mainly in the forestry sector. The activity is mainly based on construction based on glued and solid laminated wood structures that make it possible to offer housing, offices, large roof structures, bridges and an endless range of solutions.

TMAD arises in response to a growing interest of the market in the use of glued and solid laminated wood structures as one of the main construction materials.

TMAD not only supplies wooden structures, but also provides a team of specialized technicians, who develop all types of constructions, from the project stage to turnkey delivery.


The Company's strategy is based on the following premises:

- Preservation of high levels of satisfaction, loyalty and relationship with customers and suppliers;

- Increase in the levels of profitability and equity strength;

- Evolution policies in Human Resources (development, motivation and training);

- Innovation and technological development;

- Revitalization of the sector's competitive capabilities;

- Growing capacity for expansion.


In this sense, it is their convinction that it meets the necessary requirements and that they have an organization capable of effectively guaranteeing the objectives of the project, highlighting:

- Experienced Technical Staff in all specialties covered;

- Means of production, human and equipment, in quantity and with adequate capacity for the tasks to be carried out;

- Linear and hierarchical enterprise management systems, based on the most rigorous business philosophy;

- Univocal and simplified schemes of contact with the Owner of the Work and Supervision, suitable for the creation of a favorable environment for an effective and orderly cooperation between all the entities directly involved, in the execution of the Works;

- Extensive previous experience in similar projects of similar volume;

- Extensive knowledge of the construction market, suppliers and subcontractors specialized in this type of work and with regular intervention in the region;

- Ease of mobilizing human, equipment and financial resources in a volume compatible with the size of the enterprise.