Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa

With over 25 years of existence, Fundação Minerva/Universidades Lusiada is proud of this national and international dimension, of the prestige attained and especially of its contribution to the country in the university education given to a significant part of its youth.

The more than 25.000 graduates who, at the national level, have obtained their higher education, performing today, the most diverse areas of fundamental role in the cultural, economic and social development of the country.

Among the seven research centres, CITAD (Centro de Investigação em Território, Arquitectura e Design) distinguishes itself at the Faculdade de Arquitectura e Artes, with 161 researchers and is composed of 4 research groups: Technologies of Architecture, Architecture and Urbanism, Territory, City and Design and Theory, History and Interdisciplinary Contemporary Thought.

These 4 groups integrate projects related to territory, Architecture, Technologies history and Design, taking into account the theme of sustainability in all areas of research.