VPS - Virtual Power Solutions, SA.


The UK is at the forefront of Smart Grid development in Europe. It’s commitment to low carbon, distributed generation is driving the priority for Active Demand Management (ADM) solutions to cope with the associated impact of these policies. Other markets, such as Spain and Portugal, have moved faster in renewable production, but lag in terms of energy policies and market regulations to enable aggregation and monetisation of energy savings for consumers. The VPS - Virtual Power Solutions value proposition drives value in existing markets, across Europe and in wider markets across the globe.

VPS provides Active Demand Management through a proprietary customisable Integrated Platform (VIP) that allows individual users to manage both the cost and quantity of consumption and Network Operators (DNOs) to access to the widest quantity of demand for management through large scale, flexible, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). 

The combination of two existing businesses allows VPS to deliver a joined up capability across all customer types to create Virtual Power Plants in the European market: 

•A specialist aggregator and project developer in automated demand response (“ADR”) activities (Stor Generation); 

•A technology company focused on EMS for residential and corporate customers (ISA Energy). 

Providing clients with
real time ‘Active Demand Management’ of their energy demand, VPS enables large, industrial users, to monetise the flexibility embedded in their peak demand; provides a wide range of users - from Industrial & Commercial (I&C) to Domestic - the means of gaining, real time, Active Management, of their energy consumption; and minimises consumption and future proofing their consumption against changes in tariff structures.

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