How to join ?

It is very simple to become a member of the Sustainable Construction Platform, managing entity of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster: To be an Associate it is only necessary to acquire Participation Units (PU), there are no other payements involved, nor annual or other fees.

While holding these PU's you will be an associate, once formally recognized by the General Assembly. The unit price of the Participation Units is 500 euros and the entity decides with how much PU's they want to participate.

The number of PU's is equivalent to the number of votes in the General Assembly. To formally join, you only need to send an e-mail to and express the intention to join.

It is only necessary to characterize the entity and mention the number of Participation Units (PU) you want to acquire. We also need the details of the entity (designation, address and VAT number) for the invoicing of the Participation Units.