2nd Conference of the project Master Export: “International Supply Chain”

On the 9th of December 2020, from 3pm to 5pm, the will take place the 2nd Conference, within the scope of the Master Export project, with the theme “International Supply Chain”.
This is an event that will be held online in a webinar format, on the Teams platform, and is organized by AEA - Associação Empresarial de Águeda, with the collaboration of Cluster Habitat Sustentável and Astrolábio - Orientação e Estratégia S.A.
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Welcome Session
- V
ictor Ferreira
 – Cluster Habitat Sustentável

3pm | PANEL 1 – Internationalization or Necessity?
- Ricardo Abrantes | Presidente AEA - Relevance of Master Export for the Region's Economy
- Sofia Almeida | Saint-Gobain Portugal  Challenges in Saint-Gobain's supply chain - Sustainability

3.30pm | PANEL 2 - International Supply Chain
- Jorge Marcolino | AEP - The reproducibility of AEP projects and post-pandemic trends
- Adriano Fidalgo | Astrolábio  - “Supply Chain Management”
- Maria do Céu Lopes | Astrolábio  The importance of using Incoterms in international purchases/sales

4pm | PANEL 3 – Internationalization Success Stories
- Moderação Adriano Fidalgo  |  Astrolábio
- Miguel Henriques  JPM
- Mário Vasconcelos  TUPAI
- João Valente  CLIMAR

4.45pm | Debate

5pm | Closing session
- Ricardo Abrantes | Presidente AEA