April 28th | Roteiro da Sustentabilidade: Intelligence and Innovation in the Urban Environment

The second moment of the Roteiro da Sustentabilidade, an initiative created by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, will take place on April 28th 2022, at 2:00 pm, at the Edifício Atlas (Floor 2) in Aveiro, Portugal.
This event entitled “Intelligence and Innovation in the Urban Environment”, is co-organized by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster and Ubiwhere.
The event will consist of presentations of “innovative initiatives for the green transition in cities”, by three Municipal Councils (Aveiro, Ílhavo and Santarém) and the Abimota association, will feature interventions by LNEG - National Energy and Geology Laboratory on the “Positive Energy Neighborhoods: the integrated model for the urban energy transition”, and also by Ubiwhere, on “The Nervous System of the City: a concept for smart and sustainable cities”.
O dia terminará com uma sessão de pitch, na qual as entidades Neoturf - Construção e Manutenção de Espaços Verdes, T&T – Multieléctrica, Signinum - Gestão de Património Cultural, CONCEXEC – Arquitectura, Cleanwatts Digital, WADA Solutions, Greenlab, e Areadobras® Engenharia Sustentável, associados do Cluster Habitat Sustentável, divulgarão os seus mais recentes projetos e soluções dirigidos às cidades e comunidades sustentáveis.
The day will end with a pitch session, in which the entities Neoturf - Construction and Maintenance of Green Spaces, T&T - Multieléctrica, Signinum - Cultural Heritage Management, CONCEXEC - Architecture, Cleanwatts Digital, WADA Solutions, GreenlabAreadobras® Sustainable Engineering and Ubiwhere, members of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, will publicize their latest projects and solutions aimed at sustainable cities and communities.
Access the detailed program of the event HERE.
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