BIMclay project workshop - CTCV, Coimbra

The first "BIMclay- Improve Technification and LCA qualification of workers in ceramic sector with the support of BIM applications" project, funded by the ERASMUS + Program, will take place on April 12: Associação Portuguesa da Indústria da Cerâmica e de Cristalaria (APICER) (Portugal), promoter, o Centro Tecnologico da Cerâmica e do Vidro (CTCV) (Portugal), Asociación Española de Fabricantes (Hispalyt) (Spain), Asociación Empresarial de Investigación Centro Tecnológico del Mármol, Piedra y Materiales (Spain), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) (Greece).
This project aims to develop a multimedia tool based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology on the most advanced techniques of ceramic product placement. Learn more about project HERE.