Intercluster Meetings | Sustainable Habitat Cluster and TICE.PT Cluster



Intercluster Meetings | Sustainable Habitat Cluster and TICE.PT Cluster

"Digitization in the Construction Value Chain"

April 23 and 30, 2020





On April 23 and April 30, we invite you to participate in the "Intercluster Meetings", to take place in online format (Webinars).

These Intercluster Meetings dedicated to the theme of “Digitization in the construction value chain” involve, on April 23, 2 workshops in a row [From Project to Work (2.30 pm) and Construction Materials and Processes (3.45 pm)] and on April 30, the last online workshop in this series [Operations Management (14.30 pm)].

Bringing together companies and other entities in the Habitat and TICE value chains, it is intended to focus on the needs and challenges existing in both networks, thus creating the opportunity for partnerships in the construction of innovative solutions that contribute to the competitiveness of the entities involved.

programa de cada um destes eventos envolve um Painel com 2 intervenções convidadas de cada cluster, focados na temática de cada workshop, seguindo-se um período de Debate alargado onde as empresas e outras entidades poderão colocar questões, desafios e necessidades de modo a permitir, numa terceira parte, fomentar respostas e oportunidades específicas de acordo com o interesse de cada um dos envolvidos.

The program for each of these events involves a Panel with 2 invited interventions from each cluster, focused on the theme of each workshop, followed by an extended Debate period where companies and other entities can ask questions, challenges and needs in order to allow, in a third part, to encourage the fomentation of specific responses and opportunities according to the interests of each of those involved.

Participate in these events by registering for free HERE.