International Workshop on Eco-Innovation


The Platform as the operator of the sustainable habitat cluster organized in Aveiro (University of Aveiro) on the 17th March in the afternoon an international workshop entitled "EPDs Eco-Innovation an Tool in Europe" (environmental product declarations as eco-innovation tool in Europe).

This event is part of the clusters' dynamic design and happens in the context of a meeting of the European Association ECOPlatform, which brings together the various European operators for environmental product declarations systems, and which the Platform is the founder and member of the board.

The program brings together interventions of European experts and addresses the view that these different systems have been in manufacturing reaction of materials and products, as these statements may be tools of eco-innovation and the response in the different European markets.

The program can be found below, along with the presentations of each speaker.

More pictures can be seen on the official Facebook page of the CentroHabitat.