October 25th-27th | 1st ClusterXchange | EXCELIVING

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of October 2022, the first public initiative of the European project EXCELIVING takes place, the ClusterXchange event. This 1st ClusterXchange takes place in Portugal and will be organized by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster.
The partners of the EXCELIVING project (5 European Clusters) and some of its stakeholders will meet in Aveiro during these 3 days to work on the project theme: "Built environments for an active, healthy and safe life".
Some of the objectives of this event are:
- Discuss the challenges in creating and developing built environments for an active, healthy and safe life;
- Promote synergies between clusters, their members and project stakeholders;
- Explore business opportunities;
- Promote a better understanding of the R&D, future trends and markets in the multidisciplinary area in question;
- Build up the intercluster partnership EXCELIVING strategy in this domain
For more information, visit: exceliving.eu/clusterexchange