October 6th to 8th | Conference Cycle | Tektónica 2021


Construction and its various products and services face several challenges. Ensuring more efficient, durable and functional products and solutions, as well as responding to a set of challenges such as digitization, energy transition and carbon neutrality, contribute to the circular economy and sustainability, all of which must also ensure competitiveness of stakeholders and the sector.

Since Tektónica is a space of excellence for the exhibition of solutions and products, its conferences present these challenges, opportunities and solutions, which are evident in the products and services on display.
In this context, Tektónica – International Construction Fair presents itself for the 2021 edition with a novelty, the organization of a Cycle of Conferences focusing on topics that mark the sector's current affairs: Competitiveness, Sustainability and Resilience in Construction, with the presence, already confirmed, by a panel of renowned speakers and moderators in the professional sector and in the national economic panorama.
On October 6th, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster will participate in the panel "Construction and Circular Economy".
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