ROADSHOW Cluster Habitat 2016

03/03/2016 to 06/12/2016
Initiative for the promotion and dissemination of our associates
Sustainable Habitat Cluster, thinking about the promotion and dissemination of our associates, its products and solutions, has created a new initiative called "Cluster Habitat Roadshow", where it intends to travel the country with interventions oriented by certain current themes. The idea is to show products and solutions of several associated entities of the cluster. The programs of the various events will be announced shortly.
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MARCH 3 – ​'Sustainable Construction' | Lisbon _ Congress Center Lisbon (FIL/Junqueira) - Green Business Week
APRIL 4 TO 8 – ​'What Solutions for Sustainable Urban Regeneration?' | Lisbon - Lisbon Rehabilitation Week
ABRIL 20 – 'Eco Innovation in Habitat' | Coimbra _ISEC
MAY 4 TO 7 – ​'Solutions for Zero Balance Buildings - NZEB' | Lisboa _Tektónica (FIL/ Parque das Nações), Lisbon Tektónica Week
JUNE 6 – ‘Efficient Use of Resources’ | Faro _ University of Algarve
JULY 5 – ‘Biomimicry in Architecture and Construction’ | Braga _ Competinov
SEPTEMBER 21 – ‘Green Solutions for Sustainable Cities’ | Águeda _ CMÁgueda
15 OCTOBER 15 – What Solutions for Sustainable Urban Regeneration? | Porto - Porto Rehabilitation Week
NOVEMBVER 3 TO 4 – ‘Innovation in Sustainable Construction’ | Lisboa - Congress of Innovation in Sustainable Construction CINCOS'16
06 DECEMBER – ‘Valorization of Waste as Raw Materials’ | Aveiro _ University of Aveiro