Sustainable Habitat Cluster at the European Forum of Construction Clusters

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster was invited to join the new European Forum of Construction Clusters which aims to establish a collaborative and innovative working group on the European Atlantic axis on the construction industry.
This meeting of the Intercluster Forum will take place on March 31, in Valladolid (Spain), and will be attended by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster (Portugal), the Eskal Eureka Cluster (France) and Spain's Cluster Innovación de la Construcción Asturiana, Cluster Eraikune of the Basque Country, the Association of ConstructorsPromotores de Navarra and the Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora Eficiente de Castilla y Léon, which is going to host the event.
There are major challenges in adapting the construction industry to the international, European and national socio-economic reality. Some of these construction challenges are directly related to sustainability and the use of new methodologies with high technological content.