Ubiwhere Webinar: “The City Nervous System: 5G enabled verticals for cities”



The City Nervous System: 5G enabled verticals for cities

UBIWHERE launches debate on challenges and opportunities in the implementation of 5G networks

-> March, 23 | 10 AM | Webinar



This month Ubiwheremember of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, presents the event “The City Nervous System: 5G enabled verticals for cities”, focused on discussing the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of 5G networks and the impact that this will have on cities.

This Ubiwhere webinar will take place on March 23, at 10 am and will comprise a set of sessions dedicated to the most relevant topics in this industry.

What is expected with the implementation of 5G networks? What strategies can cities and businesses adopt to take advantage of 5G networks for more efficient services? What does the concept of Neutral Hosting consist of? What opportunities do 5G bring to improve the lives of citizens?

These will be some of the issues addressed, at an event where thinkers and professionals in the telecommunications sector of the future will be present.

The sessions will count on the interventions of Rui Luís Aguiar, Professor at the University of Aveiro and Director of Networks at the Telecommunications Institute, and Paulo Valente, Director at Tech4Policy, as well as several members of the Ubiwhere teams who will give note of ongoing projects that explore the different aspects of 5G. At this point, we highlight the projects Urbsense, 5Go (co-financed by COMPETE2020) and Unicrinf (co-financed by CENTRO 2020).

Ubiwhere thus creates a meeting point that anticipates those that will be the main issues faced by companies and cities when implementing the fifth generation network, based on the conclusions of the investment in R&D that it has been making in this area.

Those interested in participating in this event must register for free HERE.