The 1st ClusterXchange of the EXCELIVING project took place in Portugal!

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On the 25th, 26th and 27th of October, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster organized the 1st ClusterXchange, an initiative within the scope of the European EXCELIVING project.
During these 3 days, EXCELIVING project partners (CENFIM Cluster (Spain), Sustainable Habitat Cluster (Portugal), Danish Life Science Cluster (Denmark), Smartech Cluster (Spain) and Transylvanian Furniture Cluster (Romania)) and some of their stakeholders, met in Aveiro (Portugal) to discuss not only the challenges in creating and developing built environments for an active, healthy and safe life, but also to create synergies between the various participating entities, explore business and innovation opportunities, analyze future market trends in the multidisciplinary area in question and also build the EXCELIVING intercluster partnership strategy in this domain.
On the morning of the first day of the ClusterXchange, after the reception of EXCELIVING partners and visiting entities from the countries covered by the project, a session was held to present the project and all the entities present. The EXCELIVING Twinning Program was also presented, an activity to be developed within the scope of the project to facilitate the transfer of experience and knowledge between Clusters, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other members of the Clusters, as well as to promote interregional collaboration.
During lunchtime, through an interactive activity, participants also had the opportunity to identify challenges and needs related to the theme of the project.
In the afternoon session, 4 Portuguese Clusters, that don't belong to the partnership (Cluster Engineering & Tooling, Health Cluster Portugal, InovCluster and Cluster TICE.PT) were welcomed and presentations were made on strategies and other projects for healthy living environments, by the European Clusters of the partnership as well as by the other Portuguese Clusters.
This day ended with a C2C event, with bilateral meetings between EXCELIVING partners and Portuguese clusters. The event was also attended by the other entities visiting the ClusterXchange, in order to enhance possible collaborations, but also the exchange of know-how.
The second day of ClusterXchange was dedicated to the meeting between the partner entities of the European project EXCELIVING and the national mobilizing project AcTiVaS - Built Environments for an Active, Safe and Healthy Life Environment. This interaction started with the AcTiVaS project public Workshop, which was attended and participated by all AcTiVaS partners, EXCELIVING partners and other visiting entities.
The lunchtime consisted of two moments, firstly, networking between the partners of the two projects and, secondly, explaining the Twinning Program and its rules. The afternoon was also made up of two sessions, one for Matchmaking (B2B) between AcTiVas project partners, EXCELIVING project partners and visiting entities from Denmark, Romania and Spain, and another session involving a Balance and peer-review meeting and planning of future works among EXCELIVING partners.
Finally, the last day of this ClusterXchange consisted of a morning session, focused on the challenges of markets and innovation in healthy living environments, which featured the president of AIMMP, Vítor Poças, as a guest speaker, and in the afternoon, a session focused on the challenges of markets and innovation in the area of healthy living environments, with guest speeches by António Cunha from IPN and Elísio Costa from Porto4Ageing.
The EXCELIVING project will hold its second ClusterXchange event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in June 2023. Stay tuned!