The 1st workshop of the UAveiroGreenBuilding project

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The UAveiroGreenBuilding project, funded by the EEA Grants under the “Ambiente” program and led by the University of Aveiro (UA) in partnership with the Sustainable Habitat Cluster and the Icelandic entity, EVRIS Foundation, held its first online workshop on March 2nd for public presentation of the project and its first results.

This event, which had 66 participants, was dedicated to the integration of circular economy principles in the rehabilitation of buildings.

The session started with a brief intervention by Dr. Emília Silva (General Secretary for the Environment) and was followed with interventions by Dr. Alexandra Queirós (University of Aveiro), by the Architect Joaquim Oliveira (University of Aveiro), Victor Ferreira (Sustainable Habitat Cluster/University of Aveiro), Haukur Haraldsson (Evris Foundation) and finally, by Inês Bourgeois (University of Aveiro).

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