2nd Workshop of the UAveiroGreenbuilding Project at the University of Aveiro

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On the 6th of July, the 2nd Workshop of the UAveiroGreenBuilding Project took place, financed by the EEA Grants under the Environment program and which has the University of Aveiro as its lead promoter and the Sustainable Habitat Cluster (Portugal) and the Evris Foundation (Iceland) as partners.
This workshop entitled “Building Circular”, which took place at the University of Aveiro, had in the opening session the participation of the General Secretariat for the Environment, who addressed, among other things, the support role of the EEA Grants and the Environment Program.
The presentation of the UAveiroGreenBuilding project was made by Prof. Alexandra Queirós (University of Aveiro) focusing on the results already achieved. One of the expected results, the development of an ecodesign tool for the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, was presented by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster framing it in the topic of circularity in the rehabilitation of buildings, which was the basis for the development of the methodology to support this ecodesign tool to support the decision in interventions in the building.
In the second part of this workshop, there was a visit to the area where the works on the pilot case of the project take place, the Central Technical Zone of the University of Aveiro, as a basis for a set of presentations made by the team from the University of Aveiro, addressing various aspects of the work carried out and planned in this pilot case. Since these works had the collaboration of the partners, Sustainable Habitat Cluster and the EVRIS Foundation, the role of the Icelandic partner in this project focused on the use of material circularity passports and on the way in which the concept was incorporated in this project for the case of building rehabilitation.
The event ended with a networking moment between the project consortium and the other participants and potential stakeholders of this project.
Taking advantage of the presence of three elements of the Icelandic partner (EVRIS Foundation), a general meeting of the project partners was held on July 7th for a technical discussion and balance of the activities underway and to be carried out in the project until the end in December 2022.
Find out more about the UAveiroGreenBuilding project at: www.ua.pt/en/greenbuilding