4th Coordination Meeting of the Lean.Co Project

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On April 24, the fourth and penultimate meeting of the Lean.Co project, financed by the Erasmus + Program, took place at the Sustainable Habitat Cluster delegation at the University of Aveiro.

The Cluster was responsible for hosting the rest of the consortium (Asociación de Constructores Promotores de Navarra, Fundación Laboral de la ConstrucciónPolitechnika Warszawska and Tipee - Technological & Innovative Platform for Environmental Efficiency) in a meeting where the pilot projects in Spain (ongoing), France (completed) and Portugal (ongoing) were the main topics discussed. The leaders of the Lean Construction training course, in the different countries, shared their views on the implementation of the developed course in the scope of the project and it resulted in very interesting conclusions that will serve, in the future, for the evaluation of the training implemented.


More information about the project at: http://www.centrohabitat.net/pt/projecto/leanco