Chatron in the approach to the Argentine market

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Through the ELAN network, whose partner in Portugal is the Sustainable Habitat Cluster (of which Chatron is associated), Chatron had the opportunity to present the company and its main product lines to an audience of Argentine entrepreneurs.

All the actions already scheduled with several companies mean that the strategy of exporting and partnerships of Chatron for this market is a reality in the short term. 

"Floralis Generica", a metal sculpture located in the United Nations Plaza on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, donated to the city by the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano (1917-2010), symbolizes a flower that opens every morning. The structure was inaugurated on April 13, 2002 with materials provided by the aircraft company Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina.

The sculpture is located in the center of a park of four hectares of wooded limits, surrounded by trails that come and go offering different perspectives of the monument located on a mirror of water, which besides fulfilling its aesthetic function, protects it. It represents a large flower made of stainless steel, with an aluminum skeleton and reinforced concrete, which looks at the sky, extending to the six petals. It weighs 18 tons and is 23 meters high.

The symbolism of this sculpture can mean what Chatron intends to do in the Argentine market: open up and make every morning possible for Argentine companies to think of innovative, efficient and ecological products to counter the galloping increases that occur every day in all products in this market, especially energy costs. The robustness and durability of Chatron products can add value to this important market.