CINCOS 2016 - Another successful edition

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The 5th edition of the Congress on Innovation in Sustainable Construction (CINCOS'16), organized by Sustainable Cluster Habitat , was held on November 3 and 4 in Lisbon, where several entities presented their work in the areas of Sustainable Cities, Innovation and Sustainability, Efficient Resource Utilization and Circular Economy as new challenges for the Habitat value chain. Around 150 people, from seven different countries joined this Congress.

There was also a debate about the Cooperation for Competitiveness that was attended by international clusters, with which Cluster Habitat has developed relationships. In this debate the strategies of the different clusters according to the realities of their regions were highlighted, and initiatives for cooperation were discussed.

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster took advantage of the congressional opportunity to award, for the first time, a recognition award to a personality, for its contribution to sustainability. Alberto Reaes Pinto, Professor in Lisbon at the Universidade Lusíada, was recognized this year with this award, for his contribution as an architect and as a promoter of education and innovation for sustainability.

See some photos of the event here