Cluster Habitat Working Groups already in strong activity

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On April 21, the Working Groups of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster met in Aveiro to explore partnerships, business opportunities and plan initiatives conducive to RTD and innovation projects among Cluster members.
The session took place at the University of Aveiro and it was with a full audience that the presentation of the main objectives, of these Working Groups that met quarterly, began. From the work developed during the session, inter and intra-group challenges were launched, questions were asked and answers were found for the themes in the 4 thematic groups: Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, Territories and Sustainable Cities, and Internationalization and Business. This first meeting was attended by 31 entities, including companies, municipalities, R&D centers and business associations, and the next meeting of these groups is scheduled for July 6th, in a place to be announced shortly




The Sustainable Habitat Cluster is grateful for the participation and interest shown by its members, in this strong commitment to the Habitat value chain.