The Cluster visits some Associates in Tektónica 2019

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Once again the Sustainable Habitat Cluster was present at the Tektónica'2019 fair, visiting its members and the fair in general. The Cluster was able to meet and visit the spaces of associates such as APCMC, CTCV, Gyptec, Argex, Amorim Isolamentos, Amorim Revestimentos, Sofalca, CMM, Secil, Neoturf, T&T, Pavigrés, Modiko, Sonae Arauco and Up-Way Systems .




In addition to these visits, on 10/5 the Sustainable Habitat Cluster also organized a visit of some companies of a Belgian Cluster, the Cluster Eco-Construction. In these meetings we had the opportunity for our associates to showcase their solutions and products and establish a contact that can be useful in terms of internationalization. The Sustainable Habitat Cluster also took the opportunity to visit the Innovation Space, in order to know and highlight some of the solutions of its associates present in this Space.

See all the photos HERE.