COVID-19 | Important informations

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In the context of the pandemic COVID-19, declared by the World Health Organization, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster activated a contingency plan in order to comply with the recommendations of the General Health Directorate and safeguard the safety conditions of our employees and associates.

The Cluster maintains as far as possible its activity in a remote work regime, also seeking to monitor the situation of the associates in the identification of solutions that can mitigate the constraints of this situation. Thus, face-to-face meetings in the cluster will be replaced by video conferencing (Skype or other available means), telephone or email.



Our team is contactable by email: (general subjects); (administrative-financial matters); (communication and newsletter).


The Sustainable Habitat Cluster also provides you with some links with relevant information, such as support measures, communications, good practices and information on projects.

European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP):

The COVID-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal;

SMEs Go International: Technical Assistance Facility for SMEs;

COVID-19 Response Forum.




Communication from the POCTEP Management Authority.

Interreg Sudoe:

COVID-19 - Information, Measures and Instructions.


FAQs regarding reorientation and adaptation in the implementation of Horizon 2020 projects;