DAPHabitat System registers Environmental Product Declaration of Amorim Isolamentos, S.A.

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Two Environmental Product Declarations were registered by Amorim Isolamentos, S.A. in the DAPHabitat System, the national registration programme is specific to habitat products and allows the availability of PCR, with the development of the DAP's, in a public access database.

The EPDs include expanded cork granules and expanded insulation corkboard. The EPDs show the environmental impacts of each product, divided by categories of impact, based on 1 m2 of expanded insulation corkboard and 1 m3 of expanded cork granules.


Expanded Cork Granules
Expanded Insulation Corkboard (ICB)


The EPD was developed and verified following the Product Category Rules:  basic model document for Construction Products (version 2.0), Product Category Rules: Thermal Insulation (version 1.1) and the standards ISO 14025, EN 15804:2012+A1:2013 and EN 15942.