Ending of the course "Lean.co - Continuous Training Program in Lean Construction"

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On June 8, 2018, at the Civil Department of the University of Aveiro, the course of the project "Lean.Co - Continuous Training Program in Lean Construction", which began on April 13, 2018, was concluded .

This course was built in partnership between the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Navarra, Spain), Asociación de Constructores Promotores de Navarra (Navarra, Spain)University of Warsaw (Poland), Tipee - Technological & Innovative Platform for Environmental Efficiency (France) and Sustainable Habitat Cluster, with the support of the funding program Eramus+ from the European Union.

The Lean.co project, which will end on September 30, aimed to develop and implement a new continuous training program in Lean Construction for construction professionals in 3 countries: Spain, France and Portugal, with the aim of preparing them with the specific knowledge and skills to implement the Lean approach in construction, enhancing their competitiveness and potentiating the transition to a new, more productive and competitive construction model.


The program of this course was divided into 4 parts:

Part 1 - Conceptual Level (40 hours)

Part 2 - Operational Level (160 hours)

               Module 1: Integrated Project Delivery - IPD (30 hours)

               Module 2: Value Stream Mapping - VSM (20 hours)

               Module 3: Building Information Modeling - BIM (60 hours)

               Module 4: Last Planner Simulation - LPS (50 hours)

Part 3 - Transversal Level (20 hours)

Part 4 - Implementation Level (20 hours)

Total hours: 240; 72 classroom hours and 168 hours of e-learning

O Cluster Habitat Sustentável agrade aos formadores pelo o seu esforço e dedicação e aos formandos pela sua participação nesta experiência piloto, esperando poder contar com estes em futuras iniciativas.

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster thanks the trainers for their effort and dedication and the trainees for their participation in this pilot experience, hoping to be able to count on them in future initiatives.

For more information, visit the website HERE.