Extrusal, a member of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, presents "Extrusal Certifica" - A commitment to quality

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Launched on October 21st, Extrusal Certifica was developed to guarantee the quality of service provided to customers.

For Extrusal, the design of systems based on the well-being of its customers is the focus of the development of its products. The extrusion of profiles with the best aluminum, ensuring surface treatments according to European quality standards (Qualanod and Qualicoat) and the perfect application of the systems are procedures that Extrusal does not abdicate.

The company attaches great importance to monitoring its product from ordering, transformation to installation. Adjusted to the specific needs of two specific audiences, on the one hand, architects, builders, project owners and inspectors, and on the other hand, locksmiths, facades and installers, the service aims to ensure quality in the transformation and installation of Extrusal systems.

Extrusal Certifica includes the availability of specialized technicians during the manufacture and installation of Extrusal systems, as well as free training for their systems applied on site. According to João Madail, Extrusal's Marketing and Commercial Director, “Extrusal Certifica reinforces the commitment to quality that we assume with our customers. This is a two-fold service, one more aimed at architects, builders and owners of works, and the other at locksmiths, facades and installers. Through Extrusal Certifica, we assure the end consumer the comfort, functionality and performance of our systems. Through our commercial managers or through the website (http://www.extrusal.pt/extrusal_certifica) every Extrusal customer can request a request for analysis of compliance with the systems applied, training on prescribed systems or even technical follow-up. After a favorable opinion of the compliance report, which assesses the quality of manufacturing and installation of the systems in accordance with the quality parameters and methods recommended by Extrusal, an Extrusal Certifica guarantee seal is awarded. "We want to be ever closer to our customers, and adapt our services and systems to their needs." concludes João Madail.


Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio