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On December 13, were held the 1st Technical Conferences of the "DEGREN" Project in Portugal (at the Hotel Meliá in Aveiro)!

In this Technical Conference, where different entities (companies, technological centers and institutes) were present, topics related to innovation and business models based on Ecodesign and the Circular Economy were discussed.

Degren and Sustainable Habitat Cluster thank all those who attended and made this event possible!




Victor Ferreira, from the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, presented the Degren project and framed this Technical Conference. In addition, he was also responsible for moderating the discussion session in which several issues raised by the participants were discussed and informed all presents about the mapping of Ecodesign Resources and Capabilities in the EUROACE Region, which is being developed by the project partners, encouraging them to participate in it.


Sílvia Machado from APICER - Portuguese Association of Ceramics and Glassware Industries spoke about the challenges of the Circular Economy that inspire Ecodesign, with a special focus on the ceramic sector, one of the sectors covered by the Degren project.


Marisa Almeida from CTCV - Ceramics and Glass Technology Center explained the phases of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), as well as its usefulness and some cases of study and success related to the ceramic sector.


André Ribeiro from CVR - Center for Waste Valorization spoke about CVR's experience with the Circular Economy and the EcoGreenRoof project, whose main objective is the development of eco-materials for green roofs.


Alexandre Kumagai, designer of the company De La Espada, shared with the participants the fields of intervention in the development of products related to sustainability.