International Cooperation Actions of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster in Namur, Belgium

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A Workshop on "Sustainable Rehabilitation of Buildings in Urban Areas" was held on May 27 in Les Isnes, Namur, Belgium, in a joint organization between the Sustainable Habitat Cluster (Portugal) and the CAP Construction Cluster (Belgium). This Workshop aimed at sharing experiences in this field and featured speakers from various Portuguese and Belgian entities.

On the side of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, Amorim Isolamentos (CM Silva), Saint-Gobain Weber (V. Pereira), Signinum (L. Aguiar) and Sopsec SA (H. Sousa) presented projects and different solutions developed in the area of rehabilitation. After the interventions of the entities from both countries there was a space for networking between participants and speakers at the event.

As part of this initiative, two study visits were also carried out to ongoing rehabilitation projects, which the Sustainable Cluster Habitat and its members had the opportunity to get to know in detail. The first visit was to the La Cité du Centenaire (Montignies-sur-Sambre, Charleroi), a set of social housing buildings designed by the Startech Management Group. The second visit was to the Maison de la Culture in Namur, a rehabilitation project of an old cultural center run by Thomas & Piron.

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster and the CAP Construction Cluster are planning another intercluster cooperation action to be carried out in Portugal (Aveiro) in October 2019, in order to bring companies and other associated entities of the two clusters into contact.