Lean.Co I Last Meeting and Closing of the project

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The Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated in the last meeting of the European project Lean.Co (Erasmus + Program) held on 17 September in Pamplona.

In view of the closure of the project, this last meeting of the consortium purpose was to draw conclusions on the development of the project over its two years (2016-2018), as well as on the pilot experiences that took place in Spain, France and Portugal.

An evaluation of the results obtained through the project indicators was also carried out and, finally, once the project was finalized, the partners indicated their intention for future editions of the Lean.Co.




The Cluster also participated in the multiplier event "El Poder Positivo Del Cambio: Lean-BIM - Digitalización de la Construcción", organized by the partner Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, which took place on September 18.




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