On October 12th, a UAveiroGreenBuilding Workshop took place, as part of the Aveiro Tech Week!

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A general presentation of the UAveiroGreenBuilding project was held in Aveiro, as part of the Aveiro Tech Week. This project is funded by the EEA Grants and the Environment Program and is led by the University of Aveiro and has as partners the EVRIS Foundation (Iceland) and the Sustainable Habitat Cluster.

This project dissemination workshop involved the approach of topics such as circularity in the rehabilitation of buildings, which was the basis for the development of the methodology to support the ecodesign tool for the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, which is currently in the phase of testing and validation so that it can then be used as a decision support tool for project teams in interventions in the building.

It was also explained how the integration of circularity and the life cycle perspective involving, for example, the 4R’s (Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle) change the act of designing in this context. It is expected that the UAveiroGreenBuilding Project will allow better decision-making with an awareness of its impacts in order to build more sustainable habitats.

Finally, several aspects of the work that have been carried out in the initial pilot case of the project, the Central Technical Zone of the University of Aveiro, were also addressed, and this workshop highlighted how this pilot case has been a planning tool for the rest of the building park of the University of Aveiro campuses.

The event ended with a debate and moment for networking between the project consortium and the participants.

Know more at: www.ua.pt/pt/greenbuilding

Access the photo album of the event HERE.