One year of “ECO Platform”

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The European “ECO Platform” celebrated its first anniversary on the 4th June, 2014.

ECO Platform is a European non-profit association, and which the DAPHabitat System is a founding member, that is registered in Brussels under Belgian law. Its main objective is to align the EPDs for construction products in accordance with the European standard EN 15804. The initial phase of ECO Platform’s establishment has been completed on its first year.

The ECO Platform is keen to welcome new members who share a common interest in achieving its objectives; these include European trade bodies, Green Building Councils, Building Assessment Scheme Operators and LCA Practitioners.

To commemorate its anniversary, on the afternoon of 16th of October there will be a handing over of the first ECO Platform EPDs at the headquarters of Construction Products Europe in Brussels. This will take place as the closing ceremony of a conference that will be open to the public. Important speakers will explain the work and achievements of ECO Platform and its future goals. Please save the date as more information will come out shortly.