Presentation Seminar of the SIG HABITAT Platform

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The Seminar on the presentation of the SIG HABITAT Platform was held in Porto on March 24. The seminar was attended by several entities related to the business sector, R&D centers, associations, among others. Important points of the functionalities of this future SIG HABITAT platform (Information System and Management of Sustainable Habitat Cluster), which is under construction and which aims to act as a promoter of the competitiveness in the area, providing tools to induce cooperation, business matchmaking opportunities between companies and the SCT and centralizing updated information on the sustainability theme in construction, stood out. The active participation of the various entities in the seminar promoted significant improvements in what will become a Sustainable Habitat Cluster Information and Management Platform. The launch date of the SIG HABITAT Platform is scheduled for May 31.



In addition to promoting the skills and resources of companies and the scientific and technological system of the members that register on the platform, it will also allow the monitoring of the value chain of the Habitat, with obvious benefits for its competitiveness in the face of current market challenges.


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