Reynaers, a member of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, presents: Windows, doors and guardrails for the residential market

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Large glazed areas are also an architectural trend in the residential market, whether in apartment blocks or villas, and this happens not only to improve the facade's aesthetics, but above all the interior comfort. More natural light, more ventilation, greater spaciousness of spaces and the fusion with exterior views are crucial for a better user experience and for enhancing the property's value.

While the size of the spans, the aesthetics and the range of functional options are negotiable depending on the available budget, there are fundamental issues that must be taken care of, regardless of the segment. Thermal efficiency is preponderant in the selection, it is true, but it is certainly not the same as sustainability, nor comfort, nor acoustic attenuation, nor a long life cycle. Will your windows dampen outside noise? Do they ensure water drainage and unwanted air ingress? Is the safety of children taken care of, especially in buildings at height? Do they make it difficult for unwanted intruders to enter? Are they easy to maintain? How many years will the windows last? Will they have any value at the end of their useful life? What is your ecological footprint? At age 70, will it be easy to move the large glass panel on the sliding doors in your living room? Can seals and castors be easily replaced? Or will everything have to be replaced to maintain the same behaviors?

Although Reynaers Aluminum is recognized in the market as the brand for large projects, luxury homes and bespoke solutions, it has in its portfolio other product ranges for the middle segment that equip many Portuguese homes: comfortable, affordable and sustainable homes. Indeed, this is the purpose of Reynaers, to contribute positively to a better living and working environment for people around the world, while doing its part to mitigate the ecological impact.

This is the selection of products most cherished by the Portuguese market, developed under strict standards of design, comfort, safety and sustainability, from the medium residential segment to the premium residential segment:


ES 501) CS 772)SL 382) MasterLine 82)

Sliding doors:

CP 681)CP 1301)SP 681)MasterPatioHiFinity1)


CS 772), MasterLine 83)

Glass railings: 

RB Rail

Coating: the newly released Paralline


It is the balance of several factors that must underpin an informed and conscious decision-making. Inform yourself well, and inform well.


1) Sustainability and circular economy documents: EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate

2) Sustainability and circular economy documents: EPD certificate (Environmental Product Declaration) and C2C certificate (Cradle to Cradle)

3) Passive House certificate


(Disclosure of Reynaers Aluminium, member of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster)