The "Roteiro da Sustentabilidade" initiative starts in 2022 with the theme of "Intelligence and Innovation in the Urban Environment"

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The second event of the "Roteiro da Sustentabilidade", an initiative created by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, took place on April 28th, 2022, at the Atlas Building in Aveiro, Portugal!
The event entitled “Intelligence and Innovation in the Urban Environment”, organized by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster and its associate Ubiwhere, highlighted the role of Intelligence and Innovation in cities in favor of sustainability, with presentations, debates and demonstrations of alternative solutions for the urban environment.
This event aimed to reinforce the visibility of technology and innovation as catalysts for sustainability in cities. The event's diversified program included the intervention of the Municipalities of Aveiro, Ílhavo and Santarém, Abimota, Ubiwhere and LNEG - National Energy and Geology Laboratory, which presented models, concepts and practices to accelerate the sustainable development of cities.
The program also included a pitch session, in which the entities Signinum - Gestão de Património Cultural, CONCEXEC - Arquitectura, Cleanwatts Digital, WADA Solutions, T&T - Multieléctrica, Greenlab, Areadobras® Engenharia Sustentável and Ubiwhere, members of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, announced its latest projects and solutions aimed at sustainable cities and communities.
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