Seminar about Architecture, Urbanism and Construction in Portugal

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At the invitation of the Belgian Embassy in Portugal, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster helped organize a "Seminar about Architecture, Urbanism and Construction in Portugal" held on May 8, 2019 at the Order of Architects in Lisbon. This initiative was also attended by the Order of Architects in Wallonia (Belgium) and the Eco-Construction Cluster located in this Belgian region.

The event started with a short speech from the Belgian Ambassador in Portugal, Geneviéve Renaux and the President of the Order of Architects, the Architect José Manuel Pedreirinho. As speakers, Prof. Carlos Dias Coelho (President of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon), addressed a study on the "Impact of climate change on the Ribeirinha Front of Lisbon", Prof. Victor Ferreira (President of the Sustainable Cluster Habitat), made an intervention on the strategic lines of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, and then the Architect Jorge Silva (Architect at Aires Mateus & Associados) presented several cases of projects developed by the cabinet and finally Carlos Manuel Silva (CEO of Amorim Isolamentos) presented several sustainable solutions for the application of cork in construction. 

The seminar also allowed excellent networking between Belgian architects and companies, with the Sustainable Habitat Cluster and some guests that were present at the event.