Solutions for an active, safe and healthy life presented at the AcTiVas project Workshop

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On October 26th, the 1st Workshop of the multidisciplinary Project "AcTiVas: Built Environments for an Active, Safe and Healthy Life" took place, a mobilizing project financed by PT2020, of which the Sustainable Habitat Cluster is a partner.
This public Workshop had more than 60 participants from 4 different countries as it coincided with an initiative (ClusterXchange) of the European intercluster EXCELIVING project, since the Sustainable Habitat Cluster participates as a partner in both projects. It started with a general presentation of the project, given by the lead promoter, Kentra Technologies, and continued with several presentations of the work carried out and results achieved in the different subprojects of the project.
In addition to the global vision of the project given by the leader (Kentra Technologies), it was also presented how the “Platform AcTiVas works to create a social-connected built environment”. The partners involved in the different subprojects had the opportunity to explain the concepts involved in the different fronts under development. A group of presentations made by partners CeNTI, CTCV, Concexec and Universidade de Aveiro focused on “AcTiVas intelligent and functional solutions for a modular, adaptable and safe habitat”. Then the partner INTELLICARE presented the “AcTiVas Solutions for an interactive and non-intrusive built environment” and finally Kentra Technologies, Neuroinova and the University of Aveiro intervened on the “AcTiVas integrated services for a healthy life”.
This event ended with a debate moment and clarification of questions between the AcTiVas partners and the EXCELIVING partners.
Watch the video summary of the event HERE.