Study on IOT applications in the domain of smart and sustainable buildings and cities from the users' perspective

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The Sustainable Habitat Cluster promoted, with the support of the TICE.PT Cluster, a study related to information, communication and electronics technologies, more specifically on IoT (internet of Things) applications for smart and sustainable buildings and cities.

With this Study, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster aims to raise awareness among companies in the sector about the use of IoT solutions and their impact in the context of smart buildings and cities.

Nowadays technologies are all around us and more and more companies are benefiting significantly from the establishment of a digital connection throughout their value chain, which can materialize via the Internet of Things (IoT).

This study includes examples of the use of IoT in the construction sector, such as continuous structural monitoring, BIM, machinery control, among others, as well as a portfolio of solutions, applicable in the different layers of the IoT architecture, such as solutions for connectivity, for platforms, for IoT applications and also engineering and integration services.

This study was carried out within the scope of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster Management and Promotion project, which aims to develop support activities and foster structuring actions as a consolidated Competitiveness Cluster, recognized by the Government, for the Habitat value chain, which involves the rows of materials, construction and real estate. This project is co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union.

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