The Sustainable Habitat Cluster in the 5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference

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The Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated in the 5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference in Stuttgart on September 21 and 22, an initiative under the BSR STARS Innovation Express program.

210 participants from 27 countries and more than 100 European clusters participated in this event. Victor Ferreira, president of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, had the opportunity to contact with different clusters and other European entities, including a Danish construction cluster (InnoBYG), the French ICT Cap Digital cluster, a cluster of Czech nanotechnologies (Nanoprogress) and the Director of the European Bureau of Cluster Analysis (ESCA), Helmut Kergel. These and other contacts made it possible to consolidate and establish a set of important relations for the internationalization of the Cluster and its associates.