Sustainable Habitat Cluster addresses the importance of EPD’s at a PORTUGAL STEEL Seminar in Concreta

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On October 15th, at the Talking Business Auditorium in Concreta (Exponor), a PORTUGAL STEEL Seminar was held.
The event included the participation of some members of the Cluster, such as CMM, which organized and opened the event, framing the interventions of the University of Coimbra, which spoke about the “Decarbonization of the Metallic Construction Industry” and the company PERFISA, which presented its construction system through the theme “Light Steel Framing – Sustainable Construction in Light Steel”.
These were followed by interventions by ARCELORMITTAL on “Sustainable steel production” and by the company METALOGALVA on “Sustainable metallic construction – product life cycle”.
Prior to the debate, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster had the opportunity to explain, in this event dedicated to sustainability in metallic and mixed construction, the "Importance of EPD's in the context of the green transition".