The Sustainable Habitat Cluster is one of the Construction Clusters in Europe with Gold Label

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Right now, 1302 Clusters from 45 countries are registered on the ESCA platform (European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis), which assesses and classifies clusters worldwide. After evaluation, 1083 Clusters have the Bronze Label, 117 the Silver Label and only 102 the Gold Label, the highest level of international recognition for the clusters of competitiveness. Within the "Construction" category, only 2 Europs Clusters have the Gold Label, one of them being the Sustainable Habitat Cluster.


In 2013, the Cluster had already received the classification of "Bronze Label", obtaining in 2015 the "Gold Label", a classification that was successfully renewed in 2018, a fact that is noted with great satisfaction by the repercussion and international recognition of the Cluster .