The Sustainable Habitat Cluster organized a TEK Talk on decarbonization and circularity at Tektónica!

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The Sustainable Habitat Cluster organized an event on May 12 at 4:30 pm, with the support of some of its members at the Tektónica Fair at FIL in Lisbon. This TEKTalk event focused on the theme of “Decarbonization and Circularity – how to do it?.
This was a round table that included interventions on the challenges of decarbonization and circularity in the construction of our Habitat, consisting of Victor Ferreira from the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, José Ávila e Sousa from the Preceram Group, Carlos Manuel Silva from Amorim Cork Insulation, Paulo Gonçalves from SECIL, Carlos Brandão from Chatron and by Jaime Silva from CONCEXEC. These entities brought their different approaches and effective solutions with which they seek to respond to this great challenge that today arises in the Habitat value chain.