Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated on a Event of the European project "BIOMAT"

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On the 18th of January, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster was invited to participate in the 2nd Workshop of the "BIOMAT" project, a European project funded under the Horizonte 2020 Research and Innovation Program and which has our associate CeNTI as its partner.
This workshop aimed to present the goals of the project and highlight how it can help companies to adopt innovation in composite materials containing nanomaterials and in nano-reinforced foams.
Also at this event, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster had the opportunity to carry out an intervention related to its experience with CeNTI, namely in the ACTIVAS and SmartLSF projects, and also identify some of the advantages that the Cluster and its associates have in this type of collaboration with R&D Centers.
Watch the recording of the event here: