Sustainable Habitat Cluster participates in the 1st Meeting of European Gold Label Clusters

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On December 4 in Brussels, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated in the 1st Meeting of European Gold Label Clusters, organized byDG Grow (DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs).

This meeting brought together 50 Cluster managers from 17 European countries that have the Gold Label, the highest level of international recognition for competitiveness clusters. Within the "Construction" category, only 2 Cluster in Europe have the Gold Label, one of which is the Sustainable Habitat Cluster. In 2013, the Cluster had already received the “Bronze Label” classification, obtaining in 2015 the “Gold Label”, a classification that it managed to see successfully renewed in 2018, a fact that is marked with great satisfaction by the repercussion and international recognition of the Cluster .

During this meeting participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in three different sessions, always following a participatory approach.



The first session addressed the recognition of European Clusters Excellence (European Cluster Excellence Labeling), the aspects of its process, indicators and the best way to use this recognition in Cluster policies and programs.

In the second session, the participants were given the opportunity to propose discussion topics related to the needs of the Clusters' actions, at regional, national and EU level. At the end, nine topics were proposed, being the three that were more interesting: The relationship between clusters and digital innovation hubs, the definition of clusters and internationalization.

In the last session, valuable feedback and information was gathered taking into consideration the development of the next generation of initiatives for the EU Clusters, mainly the Joint Cluster initiatives proposed under the Single Market Program.

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