Sustainable Habitat Cluster participates in a Stakeholder Group Meeting about Public Procurement of Innovation!

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Within the scope of the Technological and Business Innovation Strategy for Portugal, 2018 -2030 (RCM 25/2018), the National Innovation Agency (ANI) and the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC), have expressed their commitment in boosting the “Public Procurement of Innovation” – CPI, having signed a protocol for the creation of the Competence Center in Public Procurement of Innovation – PROCURE+i, in 2021. Through PROCURE+i, ANI and IMPIC cooperate to prepare and grow CPI nationally.
As a member of the Group of Stakeholders on Public Procurement of Innovation (GPI-CPI), the Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated on February 7th, in its 8th Meeting.
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